Groom & Bride

Our Journey

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How we met

Nearly 7 years ago, my best friend who will soon become my inestimable husband, came with his friend to my school to check on a friend of mine.

We got talking and we exchanged number afterward...the rest they say is history😁. But well I suddenly got drawn to his eyes. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul...that's exactly the case here. His eyes are as bright as the stars and they are just a sample of his incredible qualities.


October 27, 2017

He proposed and i said yes.

Its been 7 whole years of unconditional love. They say the colour of love is red...but with him, the colour of love is no longer red. He became my colour. My man, my everything, my king in shinning amour...despite all odds, despite the ups and downs, our love conquered all🙌. Here we are standing tall above everything. We're ready to start a journey of unending love in few weeks time...a journey of togetherness...a journey that no man or woman can put asunder.

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